Saturday, 9 April 2011

Making my mark

There is a brilliant wood reclamation yard behind the art school in Brighton called the wood store. My lovely husband has been converting our soulless kitchen into something much more beautiful using the amazing trunk slices they sell relatively cheaply. 

The piece we bought had beautiful bark which we kept as the edge of our new work surface. Chris sanded it down and oiled it with danish oil, he added this splash back today and let me make my own mark! Like a naughty child I carved our name in the wood just like in those old desks we used to have in primary school. Chris then oiled it to bring out the colour. It's a little messy but I sliced the main incision straight down then carved in as neatly as I could on either side at an angle. Everyone should carve their name in wood I feel like it will last forever, a time capsule to the future!

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