Thursday, 24 March 2011

Don't pin it on me!

Do you remember those military cap badges? Finally I started to play with fabric to compliment them, this is really good in front of telly work too, nice and calm and slow, (unless your watching 'Waking the Dead' and then it's just a good way to be distracted from the scary bag man!). I wanted to use rich fabrics that reminded me of naval lapels and royal sashes. Here is what I did if you fancy having a go.

To begin with I cut out some petal shapes from the curtain fabric and blanket stitched them to a small piece of maroon chord. I made a floral shape and cut it out of the fabric. I really liked the slightly frayed edges of the petals but if you didn't you could iron it with some bondaweb first.

I cut out some red paisley fabric the same size and hand stitched it right sides together leaving a small gap. I then turned it inside out and hand stitched the gap closed.

I had some gold embroidery thread which I couched around the edge of the petals and into a spiral in the middle. My mag pie obsession for bits and pieces came in handy here and I couched an old chain into the centre too so it hung away from the flower.

I then added a few more bits and bobs from old bits of jewellery and the military cap badge in the centre. Then carefully I hand stitched the edges of the petals together so the flower would become more 3d.

I added a brooch attachment to the back so that it could be pinned on as a brooch. This one is a present for my friend Amy who has just moved to Norwich. It's a bit late but I hope she likes it.

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