Monday, 21 February 2011

Lewes market delights!

I have been fully intending to put more and more step by steps on this little blog but like so many makers my precious time has been sponged up with chores and working! I do a bit of running here and there on the quiet too and am very proud to have finished my first half marathon, this has taken quite a lot of energy for my tired bones! Isn't it hard when non crafty stuff sucks all the time out of your day!

This week however is half term and I am planning to finish my 'how to make lined curtains', (all ready for the birth of baby fieldsend) and begin my year guide to sowing and growing! As well as visiting my dear friends Lee and Mark in Cornwall so I can be inspired by her fabulous drawings, prints, studio and business. I'm also hoping for many a chuckle over a glass of red wine.

Recently I went snooping in Lewes for a chest of drawers on the cheap to make beautiful and thought I'd share it's delights with those of you who don't already know about it. Definitely not the place for a bargain, (despit what Kirstie said in her first series!) but a lovely place to visit and occasionally you can pick up something beautiful for less than a hundred pounds!

There are several markets of various descriptions all around Lewes and it's a great place to spend the day hunting things out. There is an amazing shop that sells a million different types of quarters for patchwork, as well as lots of makers, designers, restorers selling their wares, great plant stalls too. Such an inspiring visit for a Saturday morning.

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