Saturday, 15 January 2011

silk scarves

Christmas is always busy for me! It inspires me to make more and more and more! Gifts, yummy chutneys, cards, wreaths, garlands, stockings, cushions etc etc etc! This year I painted some Silk Scarves for the mad Bishop sisters, (my ma and aunts). I showed these to my friend Katy Evans, she really liked them and after much nagging on her part she persuaded me to be brave and send them into the new 'Making' magazine. The editor was lovely and invited me to contribute a step by step guide to the magazine.  Inspired by this, my super friend Lee-May Foster of Bonbi Forest and my long suffering husbands techno techno knowledge I'm starting this blog! My aim is to share my projects with others and begin to be braver! Because after all you have to give it a go!


  1. Yay your blog is awesome! Your scarves are awesome! You're awesome! But Dustin appears to have no ears?

  2. Goodness woman, you make beeautiful scarves!

  3. I waaaant one !!!!!!!!!!!!! scarves are deffo my thing, ask Lindy I love them and have loads - you're so talented, make me really jealous (Sandra) xxx

  4. Love the blog!
    Love the spiffing idea with odd cups!
    Love the scarves (especially the bird one)

    Church Street Sue
    Will pass it on to arty amigos X