Tuesday, 18 January 2011

car booty....magpie delights

As I'm sure many of you know every Sunday there is a boot sale on the car park roof at Brighton Marina. For many years it was at Brighton Station and has always been the source of many goodies, including bacon sandwiches and coffee to take the edge off the night before. It's also a great place to bump into many blasts from the past, all old art schoolers apparently love a booty.

It is not always the best place to find a bargain as it is definitely a Brighton favourite and the traders are wise, know their stuff type folks, sometimes they take pity on your empty purse and cave to your pathetic attempts at haggling. An instant that particularly comes to mind is my friend Helen offering a bemused dealer more than he'd originally asked for in a panic to drive a deal home. I am not Kirstie Allsop I do not have a land rover and a suitcase of cash but when like a magpie I see that flash of sparkle and swoop I do take careful note so I can sneakily eBay search it later.

This time I was lucky and after explaining to a delightful chap that I was not a military collector but actually a keen embroiderer he was able to hunt me out the cheapest of these beautiful military cap badges. I have big ideas for these little puppies! And boy do they sparkle!

Perhaps see you there next week!

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  1. you must show Mr F!... he spends hours sorting through those piles!....
    Happy Sparkling!!