Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Personalised baby quilts - international orders

My lovely James is 12 weeks old this week! Goodness me how time flies! His smiles are gorgeous and I'm so enjoying watching him grow. We go for lovely walks with dusty hound dog and spend lots of time looking at the sea! I'm hoping to stay at home more with my lovely boy and am keen to try to only return to work at my wonderful school in a part time way. I love it there but the hours are long and every moment with sweet baby James in special. So I'm stepping up the making money from home schemes! Quilting like mad! This week I had a couple of exciting international orders one from Ireland and one from the Netherlands. I loved completing them and James it turns out quite likes the sound of the sewing machine whirring!



Below are some step by step photos to my quilt  to inspire you! If you would like your own visit my Etsy shop - link to the right and buy your own!

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